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19, July 2009


The government of Southern Sudan releases the preliminary design of Ngun-Deng Museum for public recommendations on internet


Ngun-Deng’s Daaŋ (Rod) was captured by the British and taken to United King Dom in 1927. It was return on 16 th May 2009 to Juba, Sudan. After the return of the Daaŋ (Rod), the time couldn’t be any better to restore a beloved national provide. “Coming back of the Daang to Juba and taking it to its rightful place in Jonglei will bring peace to Sudan” President Salva Kiir said during the second celebration of the return of the Daaŋ (Rod) at Nyakuron Cultural Center in Juba. The President stressed that, our enemy is disunity, if we unite, man will accomplish.


The government of Southern Sudan has taken an initiative to reconstruct the Bie and build a museum that will house all Ngun-Deng’s relics at the shrine. In June, the Office of the Vice President delegated an engineer to the shrine at Wiec-Deng. After the visit, the Engineered proposed a preliminary design of the Museum. The office of the Vice President together with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport would like to publish the designed on internet worldwide with a fixed date-line for people of Southern Sudan to contribute ideas about the Museum Text Box: NGUN-DENG MUSEUM PRELIMINARY DESIGN scan0007 wherever they may be.

The public is given exactly two weeks to generate comments and send these recommendations to relevant site for data documentation. If anyone has knowledge of Ngun-Deng history, you’re welcome to constructively relay your knowledge to respective URL.


It was around 1800s, near Ethiopian-South Sudan border in Gaat-Jaak area of Jikany Nuer, a boy no one knows of his potential was born. At an adolescent age, Ngundeng Bong seeks truth of life beyond the five senses. He was known to expound ideas and dreamt of future events a behavior separated him from an average young man of his time. While his mystic seeks spiritual experiences, others however thought he was mentally challenged labeled him as an abnormal man. Ngundeng Bong moved to Lou Nuer area and established himself as a renounced prophet based on events he prophesied to happen. Events that many believe are happening now.


During a time where media was unheard of, Ngundeng’s divine messages of inspiration reached out to wider audiences via traditional songs prompting followers from all corners of Nuer land, extending out to the neighboring tribes. His vibrant message galvanized and inspired followers attracting them to followed a pass of long journey from their respective places to carry dusks which later accumulated that built a shrine of 60 ft Pyramid high fenced with elephant tusks in Wiec-Deng, three kilometers north of Waat Town in Jonglei State. After the public recommendation of the design, the government will evaluates all the recommendations pertaining to the design. From there, final design will be available and the project will move to the construction phase.


Sincerely Yours


Miyong G. Kuon

A/Director of Communication and Press

Director of Bie-Project 249 910 775 653/ 249 955 071606

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